AmDissident Voices: The Upward Spike

STANLEY NOTE: I see NOTHING wrong with standing up for whites, just as I see
nohting wrong in blacks standing up for blacks, brown, red, yellow, etc...
However, saying that it is a health risk to have sex with blacks goes too
Yes, blacks have a higher incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and
are many social and economic reasons for this. If that is the reason, it
should state that. However, just the statement alone, can be considered
nothing but
rascism. I think a healthy dose of rascism is good for all races, as it is
important to stand up for your own race, BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER
RACE. That is what America is supposed to recognize. I do. That is why I
believe in
REAL EQUALITY. Affirmative Action should end today. Quotas should end
Advancing each of our individual causes should be based on our ability, not
need. Each of us is entitled to a fair shot at whatever we can attain,
upon ABILITY, not race. Socialism is even worse than rascism. I
cheer your work to raise awareness for the white race. I am disappointed
when I
see this type of unneeded blatant rascism to muddy the water. Stand up for
white people and I applaud you, but don't do it at the expense of ANY other
race. Best to you sir. Keep up your "GOOD" works. It is never too late to
follow God's Law lf loving all of your fellow man. John 3:16. Do it by
with Jesus Christ and his principles of love and peace. Understand that
not mean that you should NOT DEFEND YOURSELF. The Lord wants us to defend
ourselves and to band together and defend each other.
the Mutual Defense Pact.
Rick Stanley
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The Upward Spike
by Kevin Alfred Strom

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of October 4, 2003

Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.

Being a member of the National Alliance -- the world's leading
organization speaking out for the interests of White people -- can be
quite exhilarating and exciting, especially when you've had successes as
the National Alliance has had recently in getting our message out to the
White public. It can also be frustrating when the media and launch
attacks on us -- and, in the past, we've had a hard time getting our
response to those attacks heard. The disinformation peddlers and the
media seldom, if ever, would give an Alliance spokesman a forum -- and
when they do, they edit our words, and frame them front and back, with a
'spin' so distorted at times that it makes me wonder if we wouldn't have
been better off not giving them the credibility conferred by our
presence at all.

One of the successes we've had recently is the revival of our print
magazine of history, ideas, and ideology for White people, National
Vanguard, the new issue of which, number 121, is at the printer as I
speak. But a magazine that comes out every couple of months, while an
excellent way to educate and inspire its readers, and bring those who
discover it into our community, is not really a vehicle for breaking
news or for debunking the disinformation that the media spew in our
direction almost every day. Even this radio program, now in its
thirteenth year, with less than 30 minutes per week, can't afford to
break up our feature stories or important interviews to keep up with all
the news items about the National Alliance or which are relevant to our
cause -- which sometimes are issued several times per day.

As many of you will remember, we launched our daily news and
entertainment site for White people -- -- just
three weeks ago today by announcing it on this radio program. We are
just now finishing up the next issues of our member's Bulletin and our
magazine, so we haven't had a chance to inform our members and
subscribers about the news site through those channels yet.
Nevertheless, in less than three weeks of its existence, has done very well indeed. I don't want to crow too
much, because we've still got a long way to go to beat the media men at
their own game, and other sites friendly and unfriendly have higher
ratings to be sure -- but for a site that's less than three weeks old
and which hasn't even been fully promoted yet, is
doing amazingly well.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean.

On Tuesday, National Alliance members in California's Bay Area
distributed several hundred copies of our "Don't Have Sex With Blacks"
flyer to the public, by leaving the flyers on car windshields and in
homeowners' driveways. The flyer warns White people of the serious
health risks associated with interracial sex, using statistics issued by
the United States government but given very little publicity by the
Jewish media for the obvious reason that wide knowledge of those dangers
would impair the progress of the Jewish establishment's multiracial

Our members' efforts were noticed by two California television stations,
KRON-4 and ABC-11. Both stations carried stories about the flyers and
both quoted the Black president of the local NAACP chapter, Rick
Callendar -- a call from whom might have been the impetus for both
stories, which appeared on the air and also on the stations' Web sites.
Callendar made the usual claims that the factual information in our
flyer constituted "hate," and the TV stations added to that lie one of
their own -- the claim that the National Alliance is an "offshoot of the
Ku Klux Klan." Both stations stated that as if it were a fact, and
neither bothered to make even the most elementary inquiries which would
have shown them that that claim was utterly false. Usually the major
media are a bit more careful than that -- I expect that sort of
journalism from irresponsible sites run from somebody's basement. KRON
also quoted the NAACP's Callendar engaging in some real hate speech when
he said that members of the National Alliance were "little more than

Now we don't have 1,000,000-Watt TV transmitters like KRON-4 and ABC-11.
But now we do have a daily news Web site -- and I am proud to say that,
according to the latest daily figures, the Web sites operated by KRON-4
and ABC-11 -- major media news sites -- have a significantly lower
readership than We have published articles on the
biased coverage and outright falsehoods emanating from these controlled
media sites, and we're now assured that a rebuttal from us is being
widely read -- now, more widely read than the original lies. No wonder
they're trying to smear us.

Just a few days ago, the National Alliance Northern New Jersey Unit made
the news when they distributed Alliance flyers on Middle Eastern issues
to students and faculty at Rutgers University. New Jersey's Home News
Tribune had one of their Jewish writers, one Sarah Greenblatt write a
piece decrying the 'anti-Semitism' at Rutgers, citing both our
literature and a conference held by a pro-Palestinian group on campus as
examples. It was a typical hack job, quoting at length Jewish Rutgers
instructor Norman Markowitz as an establishment spokesman calling us
'haters' and also quoting a creature named Jared Lavi (a member of the
violent street gang 'Anti-Racist Action') as, hilariously, a
'pro-Palestinian' spokesman calling us 'nazis.' Well, that's the kind of
thing we've come to expect from Jewish writers for the controlled media,
and we didn't expect the Home News Tribune to be any different. The
difference now is that I can check and see that has
a readership approximately four times that of the Web site of the Home
News Tribune. And we published our own coverage of the affair --

Norman Markowitz, a Jewish history teacher at Rutgers University in New
Jersey, is "deeply upset" because the National Alliance has been
educating Rutgers students and faculty about the plight of the
Palestinians -- and also educating them about how Jewish power affects
White Americans and Europeans.

In a story in New Jersey's Home News Tribune, Markowitz stated that the
National Alliance was using the issue of Israel's U.S.-funded aggression
in the Middle East "as an opening wedge to attack Jewish people ...This
is going on throughout Europe."

The newspaper reported: "...[A]lliance members in Hamilton, Mass.,
protested Israel's treatment of Palestinians, while the Journal and
Constitution last year quoted the leader of the [A]lliance's Georgia
chapter as voicing a sudden interest in Arabs' rights. 'I've been in the
National Alliance for six years and we've never really cared one way or
another about the Middle East or Palestinians,' [A]lliance leader
Chester Doles Jr. said in the Atlanta paper in August 2002. 'But we do
now have a common cause in our feeling toward Israel.'"

The newspaper's choice for a 'pro-Palestinian' spokesmen is an odd one:
his name is Jared Lavi, and he is a member of a politicized street gang
calling itself Anti-Racist Action. He is quoted as saying, "We are not
anti-Semitic in any way shape or form." Lavi also was quoted as saying
"That's pretty scary, that in this day and age, Nazis can get a permit
to demonstrate on the steps of the U.S. Capitol," referring to a
demonstration against U.S. support of Israel last year in which Alliance
members took part.

Lavi may have been highlighted by article author Sarah Greenblatt as a
'pro-Palestinian' spokesman mainly because he opposes the National
Alliance. Lavi's group has engaged in violent assaults against peaceful
protesters, including Alliance members -- facts not mentioned in the

The National Alliance has regularly distributed educational literature,
not only at Rutgers, but also in many surrounding communities over the
last several months.

The Alliance outreach comes at a time when Rutgers is under fire from
Jewish groups for hosting uncensored conferences on Middle Eastern
issues, conferences in which Israel is allowed to be criticized. One
Jewish group, the Coalition for Jewish Concerns, crowed openly that it
had gotten one such conference banned by using pressure tactics against
the school. Rutgers board member David Harris said:

"The public statements opposing the conference were only the tip of the
iceberg, compared to what went on behind the scenes to essentially block
something that would have put a feather in our cap as standing firm for
the right of unpopular views to be heard.

"It was widely understood that contributors -- present donors and
potential donors -- made it very clear that Rutgers would suffer the way
the American Civil Liberties Union suffered for supporting the march of
the Ku Klux Klan in Skokie, Illinois. It was a clear threat."

Conference organizers say that, despite Jewish strong-arm tactics, they
haven't given up on their educational and free speech efforts. Neither
has the National Alliance. [ ]

Well, that's just one article written from the White point of view, and
we're up to over 500 articles now.

In a few weeks, our audience at has gone from
nothing to the point where our audience is a significant fraction of our
competitors -- surpassing some of them. For
example: our news site has a bigger audience than the site of my home
town newspaper, Charlottesville's Daily Progress. More significantly,
our audience is more than two thirds as large as that of the site of the
biggest newspaper in my state, the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Alliance
members and supporters will also be glad to know that our news site
currently has a larger audience than those of the SPLC, the
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the national Republican party,
and has three-quarters of the audience of the national Democratic party
site. I'd say that's a pretty good showing for our first three weeks.

Thanks are in order: Let me say a big thank you to all the National
Alliance members and Unit leaders who have been sending us news items to
use on the site -- we appreciate your eagle eyes on the local media,
where items appear that we don't always catch. We especially appreciate
it when you write an original article for us, as many of you have done,
whether it's a news item, a work of fiction, a copy of a speech
delivered at a local Alliance meeting, or an activism report. What you
send to us can inspire others, and gives the world a true picture of
what the National Alliance is actually doing in the real world.

Thanks are also due to our contributing editors and feature
writers: Rob de Chazal, Justin Cowgill, William Ray, M. P. Shiel, Neil
Camberly, Paul Westman, Ben Parker, Mike Monteros, Mark Neufeldt, Philip
Holthoff, Dr. Carey, Joe Mack, Guido von Stennetti, Stephen van V., Ryan
J., John Young, Mike Wood, Roger Williams, Philip McCormick, Robert
Arnett, and many others -- forgive me if I did not mention you by name;
your work is deeply appreciated by me and, I am sure, by our readers.
You are making a difference for our race. Also due thanks are the
technical team who found and customized the software package for our
interactive site and who keep it running smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Naturally, our site has been attacked. Some of the folks who claim to
report on everything that's happening in the pro-White world have not
even mentioned us for fear that we'll take their audience away. Hackers
have launched attacks on us which have been repelled skillfully by our
server administrator.

And it's not just that's succeeding. Our main
organizational Web site,, is also significantly gaining
ground in the ratings. It is the site where you are probably downloading
this broadcast, where you can learn about Alliance ideology and read our
past publications in detail, where you can join our White community, and
where you can find our huge online book, tape, and CD catalogue.

The site we launched just last week,, is also spiking
up amazingly. As I record this program, I only have one day's worth of
rating data on, but that data shows that in just that
one day after we launched the site last week it went from nothing to the
top 58,000 Web sites in the world, reaching many thousands of people
this week alone with our message about Cabela's wrongdoing toward one of
our members.

Please come and see what we're doing with our new media, if you haven't
already. And we do need your support. While you're at the site, click on
the 'magazine' button at the top of the page, and subscribe to the
premiere magazine for White men and women, National Vanguard.
Subscribing to the print version of National Vanguard will help support
our new media ventures and will provide you with a full-color print
magazine of thought and ideas, book and media reviews, and in-depth
features on the issues that will determine the future of our race. It is
a magazine you would be proud to show to your neighbors, friends, and
colleagues. Published since 1970, it is the best publication for White
men and women in the world. You can subscribe by sending $18 in the
U.S., $26 in Canada, or $36 worldwide for a six-issue subscription to
National Vanguard magazine. That's $18 in the U.S., $26 in Canada, or
$36 worldwide to National Vanguard Books, PO Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946

The reason I titled today's program "The Upward Spike" is because that's
the shape I saw when I looked at the audience graphs for our new site
this week. But "The Upward Spike" is more than just a graph supplied by
a rating firm. It's also a reference to what we're discovering more and
more. White people are hungry for media that speak to them and for them.
They're hungry for writing and reporting that resonates with the way the
world really is and the way the world really feels to them. They're
ready for explanations of why things are going so horribly wrong for
White men and women in the Western world today, for reasons why the
establishment seems to be against White people, and why the established
'liberal' and 'conservative' parties are fraudulent choices which
actually agree with each other on all of the fundamental things which
are destroying us. And they're ready to laugh with us at the absurdity
of the fantasy world that the little Wizards of Iz behind the curtains
try to put over on us. Not all of them are ready to join the National
Alliance yet -- but many of them, encouraged by our humor and
professionalism and honesty to keep reading our site -- to keep
listening to our radio broadcasts, will join with us as they come to see
that our explanation -- the biological, racial explanation -- of the Way
Things Are makes a lot more sense than the faux-moral and quack-science
egalitarian-Jewish explanation. They (the Jews) have the money and the
old media power. We have the truth, we have enthusiasm and momentum, and
we now have the new media power of a collaborative news site with all of
those things behind it. And more new media are coming. The Jews' tired
old egalitarian/universalist system is powerful now. But it is Ptolemaic
cosmology to our Copernican. Theirs is on the way out, as long as we
keep our eyes on the goal. That's The Upward Spike.

Until next time, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to do right
and fear no one.

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