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Ventura Backs Away From His Convictions?
News Release - February 19, 2002


February 19, 2002


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Ventura Backs Away From His Convictions?

(DENVER CO) Rick Stanley, U.S. Senate Candidate for the Libertarian Party, today made the following statement:

U.S. Senate candidate, Rick Stanley, has challenged Jesse Ventura to help his third party candidacy by participating in a challenge boxing match over a weekend, as well as participating as a speaker at a fund raising dinner.  Third parties have a hard time raising money and these challenge and fund raising dinner opportunities are a great way to allow the common man to participate in the political process.

Could it be that Governor Ventura has abandoned his convictions in this regard?  The following excerpts are from his book entitled, "Do I Stand Alone."  :
1.  "We all have a responsibility to participate in keeping our country strong." page 193.  (What better way to keep our country strong than to help third party candidates get elected to national office.  Even more so if the candidate has similar ideology based in the Constitution and the government fufilling it's obligation to stay within the boundaries set forth by this all important document of the people.)

2.  "I believe that the founding fathers wrote the right to bear arms into the Constitution to protect us from the government.  Firearms are our ultimate recourse against a corrupt regime.  An armed populace is very difficult to rule by force; it's a powerful deterent to tyranny."  page 113. (What better way to defend the 2nd Amendment than to help a U.S. Senate candidate that freely chose to be arrested on Bill of Rights Day on Dec. 15, 2001 at a rally near the Colorado state capitol to defend 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms in violation of an unconstitutional law in Denver , to get elected.)

3.  "We're losing our passion for democracy and free speech.  We may even be losing our understanding of what these principles mean.  At worst, we are at risk of losing the ability to make the real choices that define political freedom."  page XVI -introduction
( Check out Stanley's website at www.stanley2002.org and you will see a man dedicated to reminding the citizenry how important Ventura's words are regarding the principles of freedom through liberty.  Why would Ventura not help a third party candidate that so thoroughly expouses the same rights agenda as the governor?)

Are the governor's convictions to defend freedom, in danger of being lost in the shuffle to defend his political office?

U.S. Senate candidate, Rick Stanley, will continue to bring back Governor Ventura's words of conviction, to remind the governor of his duty and honor to defend our country, in any way that each of us are able.



Rick is available for media interviews regarding his court case, this arrest, and his grassroots campaign for U.S. Senate.  For more information please call Rick at 303.329.0481 or contact David Bryant at 303.744.6577.

Rick Stanley is the Libertarian Party's candidate for U.S. Senate (Colorado) in this year's election. More information about Rick's campaign can be found on his web site located at http://www.stanley2002.org. To schedule media interviews please contact Rick at 303.329.0481.

For information about the Libertarian Party of Colorado please visit http://www.lpcolorado.org. For information about the Libertarian Party of America please visit http://www.lp.org

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