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All Hail Fatherland Security/Editorial Endorsement
News Release - February 18, 2002


February 18, 2002


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All Hail Fatherland Security/Editorial Endorsement

(DENVER CO) Rick Stanley, U.S. Senate candidate for the Libertarian Party endorses the following piece authored by Liz Michael entitled "All Hail Fatherland Security."


All Hail Fatherland Security
Has the time come to shoot the bastards?
By Liz Michael

www.lizmichael.com  For release February 14, 2002
All Hail Fatherland Security, which will surely keep us all safe.

Yeah, right.

This column will call the current security over liberty mania "Fatherland Security" from now on, because it is something that rightly belongs in the Third Reich and not America.

The security of the people of the United States has not increased one whit since 9-11. Airport security is still being administered by the same minimum wage noodniks that administered it on 9-10, only now, those noodniks have secure federal jobs at inflated salaries. These noodniks seem to catch medal of honor winners, Green Party members, grannies with knitting, white women with babies, and a Secret Service agent, and seem to be able to engage in sexual assault, but they couldn't catch Al-Qaeda trained Richard Reid, nor could they apparently catch the bombers of American Airlines Flight 587, TWA800, Swiss Air or Egypt Air, and probably not the real culprits of Pan Am 103. And the government has shown us exactly what it will do in terrorist attacks: cover them up and make them look like accidents.

And that's exactly what they'll do when terrorists attack our nuclear power plants, our electric grid, our water and sewage systems, our food, our computer systems and our beloved sports stadiums. They have shown that they will never admit to a successful terrorist attack unless it's caught on camera in the act, and cannot be explained away in any other manner.

And the only thing that our glorious Reichsführer has seriously attacked is our civil liberties. And he has the nerve to say that we who love liberty are "aiding the terrorists" when we dare to call him on it.

And there seems to be increased calls for national ID's, de facto national ID's through driver's licenses, biometric scans, checkpoints, and even chipping people.

Has the time come to shoot the bastards?

Some people on either side of this equation are probably wondering the answer to the age old magic question. "Is it time to shoot the bastards?"

I can give you the answer very succinctly, and a lot of you are not going to like it.

When complying with the tyranny becomes more difficult than just shooting the bastards, the bastards will begin to be assassinated, and in rather large numbers.

Yeah, I said that.

Let me say it again. The powers that be are crafting a system by which they hope to tag each and every individual in the country, perhaps on the planet, with something substantial in the way of authority identifying people and tracking their movements. All in the name of security.

Of course, that's going to create a very serious crisis of conscientious objectors to this system, which more and more resembles John the Revelator's Mark of the Beast, and better resembles one of Hitler's wet dreams rather than anything which should exist in a free country. Yet that specter of rebellion, stark as it may be to the statists, is not their biggest problem. And the specter of identity fraud, which most assuredly will catch up with anything the governments issue... just ask any law enforcement agent assigned to a credit card fraud case,,, isn't even the biggest problem of such a system.

The biggest problem is the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is going to be needed to implement this plan. You would think this would be a simple thing, right? Just ID everyone, get their print, their retinal scan, their DNA, whatever, positively assign them a number, or a barcode, and everything will be copasetic. Right? Not hardly. The bureaucrats who will administer an ID system will not be able to get past one small solitary detail in their zeal to get everything right: they will not be able to positively identify everyone.

Now, theoretically, that small little problem SHOULDN'T matter. But it does. Trust me. There will be a significant point made to "identify" everyone correctly. Meaning you will have to have sufficient documentation already to be entered into this system. Many people will simply not have it. They will not be able to prove who they are, positively, to some flunkie at a DMV counter. And because they will not, the flunkies will not issue these ID's to everyone, even though it would more effectively accomplish their purpose if they simply accepted everyone who complied. Many people who come forth to comply won't be accepted. Because they will be rejected, the entire society will look at them as an outcast. And the more unstable of those rejectees will snap.

These people will represent a far more serious threat to the lives of the administrators of this tyranny than any conscientious objector or political activist.

For example, a cop will pull over someone who registers a false document or a card whose magstripe has been damaged. This officer, on a power trip, or under order of superiors, will get a bee in their bonnet and attempt to throw EVERYTHING at someone who doesn't pass their ID test. And some of these people will snap under the pressure. Dead cop.  Or maybe dead citizens, whose friends and relatives then go after the surviving cop. Or his family. Or after all cops.

It's probably not going to be what is commonly thought of as a "patriot" that fires the first shot. It's probably not going to be a political activist from the left, the right or the center. Most of us would rather sue you than shoot you, and most of us have heavily ingrained value systems which restrain us from outright whacking some of these noodniks and shooting them where they stand, although they do deserve it. The first shooting of the bastards will probably be by average citizens who tried to comply but were not allowed to, and whose lives were overcomplicated by that inability to comply. The subsequent shootings of the bastards will be by common criminals who have hated authority all their lives and find that they can now easily assassinate an LEO and get away with it.

And you won't be able to stop it. Because you won't have a clue as to whom to look for. And it will spell your ultimate downfall.

If you asked me ten years ago whether the government and even non-elected non-governmental bodies like AAMVA and Oracle would even be stupid enough to attempt this, I would have doubted this. But alas, you ARE that stupid.

Why the bastards will be shot

Now that I've told you when the bastards will be shot, and by whom, let me tell you over WHAT the bastards will be shot:

1. The National ID Craze

This is the move to install a mandatory National ID, either directly, or by default, through the drivers' license, as well as proposals to install a "trusted travelers" card, which will eventually evolve into an internal passport as its use is expanded from airlines to buses, trains, and even the nation's highways.

I want to set aside for the moment the millions of conscientious objectors which will exist to such a system. I want to focus on the bigger government problem of valid documentation of willing participants.

Even now, getting proper documents, even if you are a legitimate citizen, has become excruciatingly difficult. The state now claims that in order to claim your kids on your tax return you must get them a Social Security number. Yet do you know how difficult it is to actually GET a card with your actual Social Security number on it? Do you know how many documents you have to show in order to get it? Do you realize how difficult it is for a born citizen to actually prove they are such? Have you had to actually do it lately? Many jobs want to actually see the documents before they allow you to work. In many communities it is easier to get welfare than get a job, because of this.

Not that long ago, I had an experience where I witnessed a Motor Vehicles Department employee commonly deny most people at his station a right to an ID or a drivers license because they had insufficient proof of who they were. He was going to deny me an ID also. Except that I had the state of Arizona's own legal requirements in front of me, and showed him that I HAD the documents and he HAD to grant it. The only reason I really even wanted it was to easily buy firearms from an FFL. But most people aren't at Motor Vehicles in order to buy firearms. They are there because they want to drive, without being hassled by police, sheriffs and the highway patrol. Usually they want to drive in order to work. Most people are willing to comply with this, despite several legal rulings which have guaranteed the right to freely travel by road without licensing if you are not doing so as a commercial enterprise. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to comply with all this folderol. And here was this total schmuck ILLEGALLY denying people these items.

Envision the following, you law enforcement officers, because it is going to be a common occurrence. You are going to pull someone over, and harass them about not having the proper documents. You are going attempt to confiscate their vehicle. They, of course, need that vehicle, and need to get to where they need to go without your harassment. They are going to snap, and they are going to shoot you dead, and your wife will be a widow and your children orphans.

Or envision an air traveler, who has honestly tried to comply with all these tyrannical regulations, yet has been harassed, maybe even sexually violated, perhaps even unduly arrested. One of these people is going to snap. They are going to go home, return to the airport, pull out a gun, and shoot you, Mr. Airport Security flunkie. Or their husband will. You will be dead. Maybe your entire crew will be dead. Why? Because someone just could not bear all the folderol they were forced to go through.

Or envision this: the real criminal. The real criminal who has to get something done, and you, Mr. Fatherland Security flunkie, just happen to be in his way, and slowing him down. You will be killed. You will be sacrificed. It won't be for the most part, the top of the line law enforcement agents who will be killed by these criminals. It won't even be line cops who are engaging them in a chase or are holding a warrant for their arrest. It will be LEO's who never see it coming, never know they're dealing with a thug. It will just be a matter of their being a target rich environment, and you, Mr. Fatherland Security flunkie, being one of the front line targets.

And this is from the people who want to comply, but can't.

Add to the mix the people who refuse to comply, not a small number of whom have vowed to assassinate any agent attempting to administer such a system directly upon them.

Let me spell it out for you graduates of the Los Angeles Unified School District. If an internal passport system, disguised under another name, becomes a reality, and people cannot freely travel between places in this nation, then those "noncompliants" who have a serious need to travel to a destination will only have one choice. They, Mr. Patrolman, will have to go through your dead body to do it. And they will. If the only way we can exercise freedom is to shoot you, then we will shoot you. You can take that to the bank.

2. Zero tolerance

With this insanity occurring in the schools, it actually has become just as easy to come to school armed. Get ready for a lot more Columbines. The so-called "Gun Free Zone" of schools essentially mandates that every student, and every teacher and principal as well, and many parents actively engaged in their child's education, be unarmed. That means they will be sitting ducks for any person at all who wants to target them.

The most likely person to target a school is a student, or former student, who, under the pressures of whatever afflicts him, goes off. Now understand this: the zero tolerance madness in school, where teachers and principals are actively looking for creative ways to oppress students, from expelling them for pointing a finger, to expelling them for drawing a gun, to expelling them for having a Tweety Bird keychain, to expelling them for wearing a sign of their heritage such as the Confederate flag or a Black Power motif, to expelling one boy for actually publicly expressing support for the NRA (this really happened in Illinois)... all this crap creates added stress.

Let me phrase it another way. Inequitable rules, nonsensical rules, nonlogical rules and random rules, all destabilize a society, and having such rules on a school site, or on a job site, dramatically increases stress. Such rules in reality are terror. Real terror. And a school administration which terrorizes its own students is going to have those students snap or outright rebel.

So this will be another means by which the tyrants will be shot. It will also be random. And it unfortunately will take innocent victims. Because again, it won't be the political activists whom tyrants greatly fear but who would use precision in their targets. It will be the random individual who snaps under the pressure of the tyranny.

3. The political establishment

For about 90% of the country, electoral competitiveness in most elections is nil. It has frankly now become easier to remove your congressman by shooting him than by organizing and voting him out of office. And it makes no difference what he's done.

You go on down the level, and you continually find this to be the case at almost every political level. If you are lucky, you have a 10% competitive rate. Incumbents of legislative type seats are very rarely thrown out, even if they've been caught with the proverbial "dead woman or live man". And schemes like the proposed Campaign Finance Reform only will make things worse, stifling dissent, and ensuring even the worst dregs of humanity will stay in office.

Now, I'm not advocating people go shoot their congressman to remove him from office. But I am saying that we have reached a point in most of politics where assassination really is the only effective means of removing most of the leaders. That's a tragedy. That means we no longer in reality have a modern democracy. How did we ever allow this condition to become the case?

I know you public officials will hate that I even dare to suggest such a thing. "How could she?" you'll say. But let me ask you another question. Is this really where you want to go? Is this the kind of "public servant" you want to be? One who is so protected electorally, the only way you can be removed is with a gun to your head? Wouldn't you RATHER we be able to remove you by election? Or would you PREFER that the only way we'll ever get rid of you is to shoot you?

Think about that, Mr. Elected Official.

4. The corporate establishment

While conservatives, libertarians and patriots constantly survey the tyranny of the government, they very seldom ever speak about the even more insidious tyranny of the corporation.

It really doesn't matter if your freedom of speech is stifled by Campaign Finance Reform and the Federal Elections Commission, or by a SLAPP lawsuit instituted by a corporation. It doesn't matter whether it is an elected body mandating your National ID or a private corporate body like Oracle, the effect is still the same: liberty denied. Tyranny can come in many colors, and many of the multinationals have been inflicting their tyranny on the rest of the world for so long. It is one of the reasons America is so hated abroad.

Largely in America, only the radicals on the Left have a clear grasp of what I am talking about.

Even now, everyone knows that if you are going to commit a crime, you don't want to leave a personal paper trail or electronic trail. Well what if your entire way of life becomes defined as a crime? All of a sudden, the masses of data compiled on you by credit companies and marketers for the purpose of trying to sell you something, may be used against you by a district attorney seeking to railroad you over some technicality.

Do not think for a second that anything I have said which applies to the government, or applies to law enforcement, doesn't also apply to corporations trying to do the same thing. Do not think that the officers or the workers of corporations who either do evil, or enable the government to do evil, will be spared when the time does come to shoot the bastards. Often, the rebels of the Left are FAR MORE effective in their violent response than the rebels of the right or of the center.

But again, it won't be the political activists who fire most of the first shots. It will be the victims.

5. The tax establishment

Had Timothy McVeigh, instead of blowing up the Murrah Building, blew up an IRS Service Center, he'd be a national hero.

I don't want to talk about the tax activists. Like I said earlier, most of them would rather sue than shoot.

I want to talk about Joe Sixpack, the average citizen. The IRS is universally hated. Do any of you who work for the IRS ever stop to wonder why that is? Let me sum it up for you. It is because you are duplicitous, random, and tyrannical. Tyrannical because your primary enforcement weapon is the use of state terror and intimidation. Duplicitous because you cannot even tell the truth, or administer your duty in a simple, straightforward manner. Random because the people you audit and select for criminal investigations are not selected on merit, but by your own choice.

People are sick of it and sick of you. Yes you are having a problem with noncompliance: should you be surprised? After all, the criminal penalties for failure to file are much less than the penalties for actual evasion.

And here's the kicker. You choose to be the tyrant. Yes, you do have a choice. When the Congress gives you a bunch of pabulum to enforce, you can demand clarification, and you also can refuse to enforce the law at all. Hell, you, as a government administrator, can choose to find that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified, and that the income tax is illegal. You can actually refuse to enforce the tax code if the tax code is unconstitutional. And whatever you find to be constitutional, you can still choose to enforce fairly instead of by intimidation. Even in the military, you have a duty to disobey orders when the orders aren't legal.

And take the IRS, and add to it every federal, state, and local taxing agency in the country. I don't honestly believe that people, for the most part, will refuse to pay a tax that is fairly levied, levied only upon those who can pay, is not unduly burdensome, and is administered truthfully, consistently, and with full disclosure. But people do object to taxing agencies stealing people's homes, livelihoods and businesses, and often conspiring to work with developers to steal prime real estate at bargain basement prices through property taxes and eminent domain confiscations.

And let's not forget the use of environmental agencies to bankrupt private property owners and steal their property.

Again, it will be the victims, not the activists, who will initiate the shooting of the bastards. Worried about who may kill you? Just look at your "victim list" sometime, and you'll gain some insight.

6. The judicial establishment

Judicial tyranny is some of the worst tyranny occurring in the country today. Judges decide what is and is not the law. They violate the law almost on a daily basis. Almost every traffic court judge violates the defendant's right to a jury trial, every single day. Every day, trial by a jury of one's peers is thwarted through voir dire. Every day, due process in criminal trials is aborted. Judges very frequently block the peoples' will and block the Constitution. Abuse of the "contempt of court" sentence and the restraining order is common.

And most judges, if they are subject to electoral approval at all, are even MORE sheltered than legislators in their incumbency. It's not surprising that courthouses are almost all moving towards metal detectors and X-rays to disarm the public. Sometimes shooting the judge is the only way to remove a judge from office, no matter how abusive he is.

7. The child protective services establishment

Out of a very real need for an apparatus to protect children from seriously abusive parents has grown this leviathan bureaucracy in almost every locality whose sole purpose, it seems, is to harass families, invade their privacy, and question their parenting abilities. Often these thugs are given carte blanche to interfere with any family at any time of their choosing, while in other jurisdictions, such thugs get an automatic rubber stamp. Once approached, it is very difficult for a family to escape its scrutiny, however fit a family it is.

There is a saying among people, that you can take a man's personal wealth, and you can do anything you want to him, and he will not resist you. But that same man, if you try and hurt his family, will kill you. Unfortunately, since the law doesn't seem to check the child protective services racket, the only thing left will be the barrel of a gun. And you will begin to see it MUCH MUCH more often.

It's become too much

You want to know what I think of compliance to every governmental and bureaucratic regulation and nonregulation? Here is the bottom line. It is becoming too much. It has become much more than a free people should be expected to bear. It's not just this little tyranny, or that one. It's the totality of it all. And it is becoming the case that just about everyone is affected by the tyranny, including most of the tyrants themselves. A sign in most IRS offices reads "Seizure Fever: Catch It!" Most of these tax collector types would turn in the agent next to them for a bonus. Many of them would turn in their own mothers. Hell, a few of them probably would frame a co-worker for something he didn't do, they are so power crazed.

We are about to reach a critical mass where it just doesn't pay to do it all. Where it just doesn't pay to comply. Where it's easier not to comply. Where even those who WANT to comply, because they think they are being good citizens by doing it, will not be allowed to fully comply.

Then it will begin to happen. These people who shoot you and orphan your children will not be patriots. They won't be political activists and extremists for the most part. They won't be someone like me, for instance. No, it will be Joe Sixpack who takes you out.

You say it won't happen.

It happens all the time, even now. The most celebrated case of just this phenomenon was the shooting of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner by Mumia Abu Jamal. Faulkner by all reports was a good cop. And Mumia, by all reports, was basically a thug. However, Faulkner's coworkers, the Philadelphia Police, developed a reputation of acting like thugs, and Mumia had been on the front lines of the receipt of this thuggery. So on one fateful night, that nobody planned, an innocent Faulkner had innocently pulled over two  men who had not planned on killing anyone that night.

It will happen like that, just that easily. Over and over and over again.

Or what about the case of Stuart Alexander, the San Leandro sausage factory owner who was so thoroughly harassed by USDA agents over a period of time, that one day, he just snapped, and shot three of them dead.

Yes, it will happen, just like that, over and over and over again.

The excuse of Timothy McVeigh, rightly or wrongly, was that his act was a punishment of the federal government for the murder of 88 people, including some 20 children, by federal agents at Waco.

If what I think is going to happen becomes a reality, the number of Daniel Faulkners, Mumia Abu Jamals, Tim McVeighs, and Stuart Alexanders are going to increase exponentially.

The tragedy is, none of this has to happen. If the powers that be will now choose to no longer "be the bastards", then they won't suffer this fate. If they will but heed the Deuteronomic admonition, where the Creator says, "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live": if they will but CHOOSE liberty, which brings life, and implement liberty, they will save themselves, and be recorded in the history books as heroes with courage.

Of course, instead of choosing not to be tyrants, probably the tyrants will instead clamor for something like a general gun confiscation, because they can no longer trust the public at large with possession of these weapons.

And when the tyrants do that, that will change everything.

Because then it WILL be us who shoots the bastards.

And we strategize better than Joe Sixpack, our aim is better, and our investigatory ability to find the bastards is better.

And in case you have any doubt... when THAT time comes... yes. Me, too. And probably someone sitting next to you. Maybe your next door neighbor. Maybe that friendly legislator or congressman from a neighboring state who believes in liberty. That bureaucrat who unbeknownst to you is a secret believer in liberty. That agent who fancies himself a true patriot and wants to restore the republic. Maybe even the governor or the President you just elected, for all you know.

Because we are literally everywhere. And you don't know who all of us are.

What should you who are tyrants do? It's simple. Choose life.

Copyright, 2002, LizMichael.com, www.lizmichael.com . Permission to reprint granted so long as the website and the copyright remains referenced. No exclusivity may be retained by any individual or press entity which reprints.



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