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Interviews with Rick Stanley

April 28, 2002: Babel Spotlight - Rick Stanley
Interviewed by Lisa Guliani

1. Mr. Stanley, please provide some personal background about yourself for our readers and share with us why you want to be a future Senator for the state of Colorado.

I am a Patriot. I am a successful, COMMON man. I am married. I have three kids, ages 29, 20, and 18. I have a grandchild that is 9 months old, is the cutest little girl, and she now has five teeth. I will see her and my two daughters on May 24th in North Carolina for my youngest daughter's graduation. My wife and I run a Wholesale Distribution Company called Stanley Fastener & Shop Supply, and I have been in business for over 27 years. The company is in a 22,000 square foot warehouse, which I own as well. It is a small business, but certainly isn't dinky. I decided to run for the United States Senate because I believe the government has been out of control for over a hundred years now, and if the unconstitutional laws can't be stopped and repealed very soon, the Police State will replace the Republic of the United States of America. I am attempting to do everything I can to stop that process from being consolidated in the government's total power, who abuse their authority at the expense of the American people.

2. Would you give us your perspective on the state of the nation today, with respect to:

    a) the economy
    b) The war on terrorism
    c) The New World Order
    d) Who is really running this country?

a) Economy - fragile

b) War on Terrorism - Has been abused by the government as an excuse to consolidate the rest of the powers that they have coveted for many years, into the TOTAL POLICE STATE.

c) New World Order - A Consortium of 12 International Bankers that comprise the Federal Reserve System, UNCONSTITUTIONALLY, I might add. These men are behind, and controlling, the government, the Media, Big Business, the Judicial system, and are systematically dismantling this Republic. It will then be replaced with a New World Order that is headed by the United States at the behest of the Consortium of 12 that have run the world for hundreds of years by passing the power down from generation to generation. Everything you trust in this country is a lie, and your politicians are bought and sold like candy. The Constitution is in tatters, and the only thing preventing this government from consolidating their POLICE STATE are the guns in America's possession.

d) Who is running this country? See above. Be afraid. Take some action soon.

3. Tell us about your plans for the upcoming Million Gun March in Washington, D.C. in 2003. What is the rationale behind this march, and what do you hope to accomplish?

Million Gun March rationale: It starts with a petition to redress the government with grievances. The overall grievance is that the Government REPEAL ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS. That is being addressed with the monthly ongoing Bill of Rights Rallies that we now have 13 states actively participating in. We eventually need enough Organizer/Activists from all 50 states and Washington D.C. so that these monthly rallies include the entire United States of America. Our Million Gun March will be the LAST Bill of Rights rally and will be held on July 4, 2003 in Washington D.C. with petitioners guaranteeing their presence at the March by signing the petition. They should come armed or unarmed to the nation's capitol to present the petition for the last time, and insure that the government has complied by that date with at least the five major petition issues of grievance. If by that date the government has not accomplished the five issues in the petition and we have a Million Petition Signers willing to go to Washington DC, the Million Gun March will descend upon Washington D.C. to insure the compliance of the government with the petition. Total compliance.

What we hope to accomplish with the Million Gun March: For one thing, it will be a grassroots effort reaching across America to bring to the attention of the Government, the People, and eventually the Media, that there is a movement in America to stop the usurpation of power by the Government at all levels, to violate the Constitution, in all ways. One example: The 20,000 laws across the United States that are meant to harass and violate our 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms. Period. In any way we wish, wherever, with whatever weapon we wish, and we can carry it any way we wish, unless we harm another, illegally. The U.S. Government has within its Federal power the ability to have the Attorney General use whatever force is necessary to bring every government, federal to local, into compliance with the 2nd Amendment. This is similar to the way the Federal Government stepped into the South in the 1960's to assure that the Civil Rights of Black People were not violated in any way. This can and will be done by the Federal Government because it is time, and "We the People" are demanding such an action to stop the process of disarming America against our 2nd Amendment Civil Right. There should not be even one law in this Country, at any level, that violates our individual 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, in any way, shape, or form. The Million Gun March is guaranteeing that the government comply with the Constitution, initially with the five petition issues on said petition, at www.stanley2002.org, and eventually all unconstitutional laws that have been enacted that violate American's rights.

4. One of our Australian writers, Hero Cee, has related to us how conditions have deteriorated radically in Australia, particularly with regard to guns being taken away from the citizenry. She reports to us that since the citizens have been disarmed, there has been a dramatic increase in violent crimes involving firearms, the black market is thriving, and the Aussie population is basically at the mercy of an armed government and armed criminals. Do you see Australia as a "testing ground" for that which is ultimately proposed to take place in the United States?

No more of a testing ground than Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, Rwanda, Guatemala, etc ... 150,000 Million dead in the 20th century from gun control, registration, and gun confiscation. A weak people that give up their "God given" sovereign individual right to weaponry and to defend themselves will be separated from mankind by a horrible death at the hands of their government masters. Hard, cold, and very preventable if the people do not become weak minded. The United States of America has been brainwashed for about 50 years now regarding gun control. Are we that weak? It appears so. However, there are a few Patriots out here. Enough of us? The Million Gun March Petition will determine that, I believe.

5. Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio has sought to ban chemtrails (the illegal spraying of chemical particulates and biological agents) and other exotic weaponry with House Resolution 2977. This bill was ultimately killed in committee. What is your position on the illegal chemtrail spraying by the military on the people of the United States?

If true, it makes me want to move the Million Gun March up a year. Unfortunately, we don't have enough Patriots to do the job. I just announced the PATRIOT LISTS that will detail the crimes of our Government Workers at all levels of government. These websites across the country will investigate and post the crimes of the executive branch, legislative, judicial, IRS agents, DEA agents, FBI, CIA, Police departments, Mayors, Sheriffs departments, Child Services, etc. These people will be indicted, and when the government becomes a Constitutional entity again, these traitors will be tried and put away for the rest of their worthless lives. It won't be a country club either.

6. What do you see as your biggest challenge(s) in the upcoming Senate race?

Two biggest challenges. First is waking up the Independents as to what is happening in America and to pull them away from the apathy that breeds inside them like worms. They don't know, they don't care, they just know they hate the government, and think they can't do anything about it. The independent, disgusted, non-voters and the third parties combined outnumber the other two parties. They don't understand the power in the People. Apathy and lack of education.

Second is the attitude of the Libertarian Party. Everyone is going in a different direction, thinking that we can't really make a difference. A different kind of apathy. These people know the issues, but choose to do nothing that really matters. Letters to papers and the legislators are not enough, and they truly believe that any one who calls them on their sham is a danger to them. They need to wake up and be really active with some big common goals that will shake up America. When that happens, you will see the Libertarian Party become a force to be reckoned with. If I can't get them motivated, I will fail. So far, I haven't motivated enough. It just goes to show you can't motivate people, just show them the way. To me, 30 years in obscurity for my chosen party is enough.

7. What do you believe really happened on September 11, 2001 with respect to the terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon?

What really happened on 9-11? The administration knew it was going to happen, let it happen, and is consolidating power for their TOTAL POLICE STATE.

8. In your view, do you see America advancing toward a "police state" in the aftermath of 9/11? If so, what - if anything - can the average citizen do to prevent this?

See above. Join the Million Gun March and the Bill of Rights rallies across America. Get involved with these causes, and in 15 months we will have an America based upon the Constitution that was our birthright. Spend an hour a day getting the message out and we will win with a grassroots campaign that will become so large, America will take notice, become educated, and take action. Very simple.

9. How do you feel about being implanted with a computer microchip, and do you see Americans ultimately being forced into receiving the "chip"?

Somehow not for me. Americans being forced to have chips? Are there any Americans out there that will stand up to the government and say no? Not very many, it would appear to me. I have been letting America know about the Million Gun March, and the online sign up at my website at www.stanley2002.org has 62 signers from all across America, in one week. In 54 more weeks before the MGM petition Rally in Washington DC on July 4, 2003, I should have 3,410 signers at that rate. Out of 285 Million people, only 3,410 people will probably stand up to the government, since it appears at this time only 62 people per week will even stand up for their 2nd Amendment rights. Very sad. America will probably be eagerly standing in line for their chips, so they can be safe, so their slavery will be complete, and they can be politically correct at that time. America, the land of the Free, and home of the Cowards. I sent out a Media Release this past year entitled with that moniker. Not even a whimper of protest. The media will cover it up and put the correct government spin on it (if the government even allows it to be printed). The media is the most proficient brainwashing government lackey in the history of the world. The men who own our government also own the media, and now they own the citizens of the United States of America. Slavery by submission.

10. If you could change three things in American government today, what would they be and why?

#1.) I would love to see an America that was 90% Independent, with the rest of the parties in total disarray. These parties are the bane of America. They have sold America's birthright of a Constitutional Republic down the river for what they have perceived as the "right" thing to do at the time. Almost 99% of our leaders in the Federal Government in the last 100 years sold the American people out. That is a fact, and the good people of America should know about this. Alas, the people have no time. The government has dumbed them down, taxed them into submission, and fooled them into thinking that the government is benevolent and will take care of them. I have never been so embarrassed to be an American. My countrymen are total fools, not the proud, free men they think they are. Now, why didn't I say that the U. S. should be 90% Libertarian as my wish - the party of my choice? The party that has the best platform. The party that is ineffectual at best. The party that talks a good game, then talks and talks some more and never does anything because they are afraid that people will think badly of them ...

#2.) I would have a Citizens Constitution Court higher than the Supreme Court, made up of citizens who would have to take a 500-question test on the Constitution in order to be considered eligible to be elected to the court. They would have to pass the test with 95% correct answers, then 10 people per state would be elected every two years to this court of 500. They would be unpaid, and could only abolish laws that they decided were unconstitutional. Maximum time to get a bad law to disappear, 60 days from a petition of 5,000 citizens that agree this law is unconstitutional. Again, for more detail on this, go to my website at www.stanley2002.org and look for the section entitled "Rick's new ideas." Libertarians hate this idea because they think it adds a layer to government. Yeah, an unpaid layer that can only make all those nasty unconstitutional laws go away in 60 days. Duh. Now you see the problem with my own Party? They are so narrowly focused on what they think they know instead of what they should know to create the action necessary to facilitate doing something to stop what is going on in this country. No sir, can't do that. This party has 30 years of principal behind it, not to mention FAILURE. I want to change that right now, and I need real Patriots to help me.

#3.) Constitution classes for All Americans to retain their citizenship. Pass it with 95% correct answers or move to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc. until they do pass. Understand the Constitution and you can defend America. Don't understand the Constitution, then you don't deserve to be called an American. You should be branded with "TOO STUPID TO BE AN AMERICAN ON YOUR CHIP," and only allowed to return when you weren't so stupid and you got rid of your chip.

11. What kind of feedback are you receiving from the citizens of Colorado about your upcoming Senate run?

The Citizens of Colorado? They like what I have to say, but they have never heard what I am saying, for the most part. Or, they have never heard it as passionately or with the force I put behind it. People are disgusted with the government; they just don't know all the reasons for their disgust. They trust the government, and when you point out the bad things the government is doing or has done, they think they can't do anything about it. We have a country of little kids masquerading as adults, waiting to be told what their next thought is from the brainwashing machine, the media. If they aren't doing that, they have tuned out and don't give a damn any more. That is whom I have to reach. A big job, and let me tell you, it is very lonely. I am just a bit stubborn, though.

12. Mr. Stanley, you are a major proponent for the issue of preserving the spirit and integrity of the Second Amendment. Please share with our readers any concerns you have regarding gun rights, and what you intend to do if elected to the Senate to preserve the right to keep and bear arms in this country.

Without the 2nd Amendment, the government would already have stopped the charade of the Constitution and their supposed adherence to it. The 2nd Amendment is the cornerstone of the Constitution. They will make another 20,000 laws on the books to add to the other 20,000 unconstitutional gun laws already there. They are never going to come and get everyone's guns one day. Just a little infringement here, another one there, soon the registration in certain states, already under way my friends, then all the states, then a few states will take them away, and then soon no states will have guns. Except the criminals in government and the other criminals that want to take advantage of your helplessness. But they couldn't figure out a way to get into government, so they will just shoot you and take what you have instead of legislating away all of your property through taxes, eminent domain, water rights, poisoning the land, killing all of the wildlife to protect them, etc, etc ... The future. Do something now, or accept your slavery, and that of your children and their children.

13. What are your thoughts about the expanded role of the FBI in the wake of the tragic events of September 11th, particularly with regard to "Carnivore"? Are Americans being stripped of their rights and freedoms, or are these measures REALLY necessary for the protection of every American citizen?

All of this is part of the BIG LIE. Your benevolent government is going to protect all of our rights and make us safe by taking all of our rights away? Is America stupid or what? Or can we wake her up? It will have to be very soon, though, a year and a half tops. That's all, folks. After that, there are too many people who have stopped paying income taxes and are aware of the big con they are perpetuating in America. We keep telling everybody else, unless we are Libertarian, then we discuss it among ourselves. You probably get the feeling I am baiting the Libertarian Party. You guessed it, I am, with a challenge to get off your big butts and start talking to people about what is happening to America!!! If we don't get the word out in HUGE numbers, the government will start putting the troops into the cities, and America will pull out the flags in awe and wonder over the Government's ability to keep them safe. Then it is all over.

14. Give us your take on the criminalization of the First Amendment and those individuals now characterized by the government as "domestic terrorists." What has happened to freedom of speech in America?

That the government can classify certain individuals as "domestic terrorists" has been going on for many years now. The only reason it is being brought up in the mainstream media is because the liberals don't like this. When it pertains to their warm and fuzzy pet group of the month, it absolutely infuriates them. In Denver, we see an example of this with the announcement by the media that 3400 names are on an activist/spy/terrorist list of files kept secretly by the Denver Police for many years now. For weeks, the papers, the ACLU, the liberals on the Denver City Council, and the television news have all been railing how some warm and fuzzy activist was on this list, and how it violated the Constitution. In my Denver Court case, where I was arrested on December 15, 2001 at a Bill of Rights Rally for holstering a weapon at the end of a speech about our 2nd Amendment Rights, (which have routinely been violated with 20,000 laws across the country, including Denver), I have asked for my files no less than four times through Discovery. The city has refused, so far. We will keep trying. My trial is May 15, 2002. The media is aware of my case, but will not print anything at all about my 1st or 2nd Amendment Rights being violated. The City Attorney admits that my file exists, along with a video tape to boot. Why won't the media cover my case? I am a very warm and fuzzy guy. Just ask my wife and kids. Well, maybe not my son. He's still mad at me for firing him 15 months ago. Okay, I'm warm and fuzzy away from work. I want to be one of those socially accepted Activists, so I can get my name in the paper, too. Waaaaaah.

15. In what ways is the United States government currently exerting mind control on the American people?

Mind control: Let's try TV. I was watching the West Wing and gun control came up. They used this television show to convince America that gun control was politically correct. The TV President said so, and they had a bleeding heart story to make their case. Now, go to Boone, North Carolina about a month back. Two college students went to their cars and pulled weapons out to stop another student from killing people on the campus. No one was hurt. 365 News agencies across America covered it, and only 4 mentioned the two students were able to stop this guy because they were armed. Talk about mind control. Enough said.

16. Do you foresee the possibility of a revolution in America's future? Why or why not?

Revolution? I don't believe the American people have the stomach for it. The government knows how to keep that ring through the nose so that America feels safe with it in place. Some extremely brilliant and very sick minds behind the enslavement of America. This country was born from revolution by some very brave men and women. I really do question the fortitude of the American citizen in today's current generation, as well as my generation. We appear to be soft. Soft like bunny rabbits waiting to be gobbled up by the big bad wolf. I don't want to believe it either. We shall see. I know where I stand, and a very few others. But the rest just talk, whine, cry, and pretend they would defend America. They won't.

17. Do you think there are any realistic means to stop the further advancement of the New World Order agenda? From your standpoint, is there anything Americans can do to preserve our national sovereignty, or is it too late?

We could take our government back from the New World Order. The problem lies in one area: 3,000 to 4,000 New World Order tyrants in our government, media, industry, banking, etc., have scared the pants right off America. America is 285 Million Weak. They are 4,000 strong. With this type of odds facing America, how can we possibly win?

18. What is your definition of the word "patriot"? Do patriots still exist in America?

To me a Patriot is one who is knowledgeable about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as a part of that Constitution. A Patriot will defend our country from threats from within as well as from without. A Patriot is skeptical about any government plans to do anything. A Patriot doesn't trust the government just because they are told to for Patriotic reasons. A Patriot is one who recognizes when action must be taken, and will join with other Patriots to stop tyranny in whatever form it takes against "We the People". A Patriot is ready to lay down their lives for the principles of a sovereign individual and sovereign nation. A Patriot will not be brainwashed by the government or anyone else. A Patriot will not compromise the principles that this country was founded upon. A Patriot will loudly proclaim those principles to anyone who will listen. A Patriot refuses to give in, no matter what the odds. Are there any Patriots left in America? Some. I am hoping that there are many more that just haven't understood the urgency of what is happening to America.

19. What is the most important thing you want to say to the American people right now?

The Democrats and Republicans have run America for 150 years now. It hasn't mattered which party was in the White House or who controlled Congress. Our rights have been taken away, and the government has stolen your property through corrupt practices that are contrary to the boundaries set forth in the Constitution that do not allow these practices by the government. America has been afraid to do anything about it because you think the government is all-powerful, and no one can stop it. The government is individuals, and we the people are individuals. Each of us has the power to stop this government that has been feeding upon the fruits of our labor for 90 years now. They have passed legislation across the country that has negated the Bill of Rights, and we have a benign Police State that has consolidated power and controlled the minds of the people through government schools, the media, intimidation, misinformation and scare tactics. The time is up. Take your government back in the next eighteen months or you will have failed yourselves and future generations of Americans. Are you up to the task America?

20. Thomas Jefferson once said that there should be a revolution every generation or two. What are you feelings on this statement?

Thomas Jefferson was correct, and we are 50 years behind when the last revolution should have been. The first revolution should have been in 1913 when the government gave up its constitutionally mandated power over the money supply in this country to the Gang of Twelve, the consortium of twelve international bankers that make up the private corporation called the Federal Reserve. They pull the strings in this country. The second issue in that year was the income tax that illegally taxes our wages, which is unconstitutional. They made Americans believe that it was mandatory, even though it must be voluntary to be constitutional the way it is administered. The IRS administration of this unconstitutional abomination that has been foisted upon America by a corrupt and fraudulent government has given this Federal Government the means to consolidate its power over individuals because they have the money to control everything that the majority of Americans see, read or hear.

The second revolution should have happened in 1945 when this country just won a world war that we were dragged into by a subversive tactic used by the U. S. Government. It was administered by President Roosevelt to bring America into the war by not stopping the Japanese fleet before it reached Pearl Harbor in 1941. Freedom of Information Act files PROVE that America had broken the Japanese codes in 1940. Plus, FDR had personal daily updates hand-delivered to him about the Japanese Fleet's progress towards Hawaii, and he suckered America into the war by sacrificing thousands of Americans lives and the Pacific Fleet by allowing this attack to happen so that Americans would support our entry into the war. Many individuals knew about this at that time; and the traitors did nothing by protecting the Government in a stupid, cowardly act of self preservation that will live in Infamy!

We now are faced with another, far more serious danger, from a government that has destroyed the Constitution and Bill of Rights and is lulling America into a much worse slavery than we have become accustomed to. It will come, and America will be disarmed and helpless so that they can prove to everyone how politically correct they are, how patriotic they are - all in the guise of being safe. The TOTAL SLAVERY that America gets will be TOTALLY DESERVED

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