Some Americans Still Have Principles: Everyday Americans, Why Not Our Leaders?
Statement by Rick Stanley - February 4, 2002


February 4, 2002


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Some Americans Still Have Principles: Everyday Americans, Why Not Our Leaders?
by Rick Stanley

In Brush, Colorado, there is a woman whose name is Deb Burch.  I don't personally know this courageous woman, but I felt the need to pass it on on to an America that needs heroes more than ever.  Deb Burch was employed at Eben Ezer Nursing Home in Brush, CO.  This nursing home recently lost track of some Demerol.  Commonly , as a matter of course, in our politically correct world, missing drugs trigger urine tests for all nurses.  Deb Burch refused on principle and was immediately fired.  Deb made clear to her employer that she didn't take any drugs and was refusing to take the urine test because she was standing up for her principles.  Her boss was incredulous and asked Deb if she intended to stand up for her principles even though it meant losing her job.  "Of course," Deb replied, "that's what principles are."

Deb Burch is currently seeking other employment.  

Anybody who knows anything about me expects the following:  This violates Articles 4, 5, 6, 9 and 14 of the Bill of Rights, a part of the Constitution.

The obvious point to make here is that the ownership and management of Eben Ezer Nursing Home does not understand principles or the honor that it requries to have principles.  With that said, I will move on to my real point.

Deb Burch, with her stand, has shown more courage, honor and commitment to principles than most of the politicians who call the beltway in Washington, D.C. their home and place of work in the House, the Senate and the White House.

How can I say that? It was easy.  Our elected officials at the federal level have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution and in much of the legislation out of Washington, they have failed miserably to defend our most precious of documents.  Therefore, it is my contention that these politicians have no courage, honor or commitment if they won't  live up to the sworn oath of office to defend the Constitution.  What follows is also obvious.  Deb Burch should consider being a CITIZEN LEGISLATOR and replace one of the cowards and traitors currently holding office representing Colorado at the federal level.  A woman that defends a principle can surely tackle an oath to defend the Constitution very easily.  The pay is good too.  $150,000.00 a year is nothing to sneeze at.

Could honest citizens in government be something the American people can get behind?

How about it Deb Burch?  Besides, you now need a job.  You have my vote

Rick Stanley is a Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate from Colorado
( Stanley is a Denver businessman with 27 years' experience serving the construction, plant maintenance and fleet maintenance industries. He is currently the owner and CEO of Stanley Fasteners and Shop Supply.


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