The Difference between Winners and Whiners
by Michelle Konieczny
This release was sent as a rebuttal to Cara DeGette's Column
printed in the Colorado Springs Independent on November 29, 2001


December 4, 2001

An Open Letter to Cara DeGette,
Editor of The Colorado Springs Independent

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The Difference Between Winners and Whiners

RE: Public Eye, by Cara DeGette,
Friday, November 30, 2001, in The Colorado Springs Independent
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Dear Ms. DeGette,

Thank you for mentioning Libertarian Rick Stanley's U.S. Senate campaign in your most recent column, and for alerting your readers to the event we are holding at the Capitol in Denver at noon on the 15th of December. We are looking forward to that historic day with anticipation.

What your readers may not realize is that this event celebrates each of the 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights -- not just the Second Amendment. Another point needing clarification is precisely what Rick meant by a liberal whiner. I want to make sure there are no misconceptions.

Sometimes when my children are upset about something they whine. I explain to them that whining not only prevents me from understanding what they are complaining about -- it also stops me from helping them. They are acting in a manner that prevents me from helping them solve their problem.

Whiners are people who complain about something valid, but try to solve it by engaging in behavior that makes the situation worse. A "liberal whiner" is someone who says they care about minorities and the less fortunate among us, then refuses to let the poor protect themselves. These people claim they want others to be safe, and happy, and to live in a place where government is empowered by the people and not at the whim of a dictator. However, their actions hinder instead of helping as they turn around and push for laws that violate our rights, such as the new "Patriot Act". Laws like this weaken the Constitution and make America's government a ripe environment for a dictator to come along and really keep minorities and the less fortunate down.

Your own paper has reported that our prisons are filled to capacity. Pot farmers sometimes face life in prison, while murderers, rapists, and child molesters are often let out to make room for these nonviolent offenders. Liberal whiners like Rick's Democratic opponent claim to care about the violence in our streets. Then they create programs that make criminals of people whose only "offense" is owning a gun to protect themselves from violent criminals: the same dangerous criminals these programs and politicians are putting back on the streets to terrorize people again.

Don't forget that there are "conservative whiners", too. These people are usually those who understand the intent of the Second Amendment, but want to use the government to force their mostly religiously-motivated agenda down their neighbors' throats. These people are hypocrites. Rick's Republican opponent is a prime example of this hypocrisy. He claims to support the military, then stabs them in the back by not trusting them with the same guns they used to defend their lives, the lives of our sons and daughters, and our freedom, when their tour of duty has ended.

Rick Stanley is not a politician. Rick does not whine. He is not a hypocrite. Anyone who is sick of politicians has an ally in Rick Stanley. Rick tells it like it is and will not leave you guessing where he stands on any issue. He will honor the oath he takes in Washington as your U.S. Senator. Rick will fight to defend your rights. He will not cave in to special interests and corporate contributors. Rick Stanley has the backbone required to stay true to his word and his principles after he arrives in D.C.

The kind of talk that gets votes is always followed by actions which help to solve problems, not make them worse. The kind of talk that gets votes is telling the truth, not trying to hide who you really are. The same kind of talk keeps votes and gains the respect of the people.

Libertarian Rick Stanley will win next November, because he will fight to stop the government's War on Freedom -- not stand around and whine about it.

Michelle Konieczny, Media Director
Stanley for U.S. Senate, 2002


Michelle Konieczny is the Media Director for the Rick Stanley
Libertarian for U.S. Senate 2002 Campaign. She is also the webmaster of
the Stanley campaign web site which can be found at You can contact her at: Stanley for Senate,
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