Why is Rick Running for U.S. Senate?

Rick isn’t a politician. And he’s not a lawyer, either. So why is he running for the U.S. Senate?

Rick is concerned about our rights as American citizens. For years he had noticed that America was becoming a police state. Finally, in April of 2001, the Supreme Court handed down its infamous Atwater decision, in which the justices held that it’s OK to arrest someone, and handcuff them, and hold them in jail for a while, even if the “offense” they’ve allegedly committed is so minor that they can’t be jailed for it. For Rick, that was the last straw.

Ed Quillen, who lives in Salida, Colorado and works for The Denver Post, penned the article that triggered Rick’s decision to run for a U.S. Senate seat. Mr. Quillen said,

“American police aren’t there to protect your life, liberty, or property — they’re a threat to all three, and nothing appears likely to stop this from getting even worse.”

To read the complete text of Ed’s article click on the title, “Tell us again, which side won the cold war?”

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