What the Media is saying about the Libertarian Party…

“[Libertarians] are intelligent, dedicated, energetic, and disciplined. they should not be underestimated.”

– Peter B. Young, Metrowest Daily News (Framingham, MA), March 6, 2001

“There’s no doubt in our minds that some of the biggest winners in Tuesday’s elections were the Libertarians. The party’s ranks are swelling, and it’s safe to say they’ll be growing even more now that the party’s views are better known. We would submit that there is much that we heard from [Libertarian] candidates that is worth considering and including in broader debate of state and national issues.”

– Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, WA) November 8, 2000

“The bracing thing about the Libertarian message is that it is rigorously consistent. They are not just telling people what they want to hear. This is not the politics of the free lunch.”

– Joey Chin, Sacramento Valley Mirror (CA), November 7, 2000

“The Libertarian Party . . . [has] been providing the most interesting ideological curveballs for years, and both of the Big Pork parties have stolen ideas from them: Privatize everything, shrink the government; be fiscally but socially liberal; stop throwing people in prison for smoking pot.”

– Robert Kahn, North Country Times (Escondido, CA), November 5, 2000

“[If you believe that] less government and more personal responsibility are desireable, the Libertarians are the natural choice. Last time I checked, Libertarians now hold more than 300 elected offices in the United States, making it the nation’s third largest political party.”

– Dennis Hoerig, The Business News (Dayton, OH) October 27, 2000

“By any reasonably objective criterion, the Libertarian Party is the most successful and best organized of the minor parties.”

– Alan W. Bock, WorldNewDaily.com, October 6, 2000

“In recent years, polls have shown increasing public interest in the libertarians’ arguments against government intrusion.”

– Salim Muwakkil, The Chicago Tribune, August 21, 2000

“No other ideologically based organization in our country understands and appreciates better the philosophy on which our nation was founded [than the Libertarian Party].

– Mike Rosen, Rocky Mountain news (CO), July 7, 2000

“[Libertarians are] intelligent, well-informed, articulate, [and] knowledgeable about history and the workings of government. [Their] theme is always the same: Cut down on big government, cut loose most of the laws restraining individual behavior; basically, don’t tread on us.”

– David Nyhan, The Boston Globe (MA), April 9, 2000

“It’s amazing to me that the American public is so ignorant about the Libertarian Party. People need to understand that no vote is wasted; fight to keep the money you earn, and vote Libertarian. Let’s show the people in Washington this November that we want to legalize freedom, keep [the] money we earn, and stimulate the economy by voting for the Libertarian Party.”

– Talk show host Dave Smith, XTRA Sports Radio, Los Angeles (CA), March 4, 2000

“When it comes to ideological consistency, the Libertarians can certainly claim bragging rights with their agenda for rolling back government and respecting individual liberty.”

– The Gazette (Colorado Springs, CO), February 16, 2000

“Liberal and conservative attitudes have increasingly merged when it comes to the issue of whether the ‘original intent’ Constitution is the rock upon which the republic stands. Both sides now treat it as a gelatinous avstraction that can be molded to suit the expedients of the day. Old-fashioned Libertarians still embrace the rock, and regard both individual and economic rights as sacred.”

– Paul Carpenter, The Morning Call (Allentown, PA), February 13, 2000

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