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America is a wonderful country. We are fortunate to have a good system of government. Unfortunately, too many federal officials ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Rick is going to Washington to fix that. With your help he will win and start a tidal wave of citizen activism that will knock the stuffing out of the anti-freedom bureaucracy.

Rick Stanley is sick and tired of seeing our Constitution and the Bill of Rights torn to shreds by the lawyers and the politicians. He’s tired of government interference in people’s lives. An extremely successful self-made Denver businessman serving the construction, plant maintenance, and fleet maintenance industries, Rick Stanley is the right man to represent liberty for Colorado in Washington.

Rick’s election to the U.S. Senate will be the impetus for a Second American Revolution. This one will be fought at the ballot box and in the Capitol building, not on the battlefield.

When Rick gets to Washington he will defend liberty at every turn. Won’t you join us in protecting the values that make this country great, and in restoring the freedoms that have already been taken away?

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