Rick’s New Ideas for Government

Rick isn’t just talking about the theory behind government. He is also making real, practical suggestions for new legislation to reduce the size of the federal government, promote greater personal responsibility, and protect the individual liberties we all hold dear.

These are his new ideas

  1. Our rights as American citizens are under daily attack by legislators all across the country. A new mechanism to repeal unconstutional laws is badly needed. Rick proposes to address this problem by establishing a Citizens’ Constitution Court.
  2. For over a hundred years Americans who wanted a piece of the American dream could claim it under the original Homestead Act. Rick wants to open up the land to hard working Americans once again, and so he is proposing a New Homestead Act. Read about that new idea here, and here.
  3. American jurors have the right and obligation to judge the justice of the law itself in every criminal case. Sadly, too few of our fellow citizens understand what trial by jury is all about. Read about Rick’s proposal to restore the power of federal juries.
  4. A closely related issue is judicial immunity. There are some bad judges in the federal judiciary, and they ought to be personally liable when they abuse the law.
  5. The federal income tax, and the IRS, are great threats to our individual liberties. Rick wants to repeal the income tax and abolish the IRS. And he has a practical way to go about it. Read about his position on taxes to learn more.
  6. The social security system is failing. Rick wants you to be in control of your own retirement. Here’s his proposal for social security reform.

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