Most Important Documents

There are several documents which are of critical importance to the health of our nation’s government. It is these documents that spell out to our government what actions they may and may not take. These documents also protect citizens in America from suffering under a dictatorship or tyrannical rule.

The first document is the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson it outlined exactly why living under the rule of the British Crown was an unbearable state of being. It spells out our inalienable rights, and also spells out just how far some governments are willing to go to control their subjects.

The next two documents of equal significance are The U.S. Constitution and its first Ten Amendments commonly known as The Bill of Rights. These documents form what is referred to as the Supreme Law of the Land – documents whose restraints are intended to rule over every other law or court decision in the nation.

Finally, there is the Oath of Office. Taken by every legislator to serve in the U.S. Senate, it is the promise our legislators make to the citizens of the nation. Currently, this oath of office is not honored, nor respected by most members of Congress. Rick will honor his oath of office, and the public should demand their other legislators do as well.

These four documents are what Rick will refer to in all questions of law that come before him as a U.S. Senator. If he finds any part of any bill to be in violation of these documents, he will not vote for that bill – end of story. When Rick’s constituents come to him for aid, he will refer to these documents and if he is permitted to help through his official duties, then he will. If not, he will try to refer the person to the proper channels.

In order to preserve freedom in America we can not permit our legislators to ignore their oath of office and pass laws that violate the U.S. Constitution. We cannot permit Congress to trespass on our inalienable rights, for any reason. Please read over the documents we have discussed. Know and understand what they mean, and make sure the candidates who get your vote understand them as well. Let your representatives know that you will be watching to make sure they are doing their job and if not, they will be voted out of office.

We must get serious about standing up for our rights. We are quickly approaching the installation of a Police State after which time we may not be able to stand up at all.

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