The Constitution & the Law

The Constitution of the United States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land. This document prevents the government from ruling over the citizens of America with a heavy and uneven hand. All legislators take and oath of office to support and defend this document (Read about the Oath of Office here). Unfortunately, most of the currenlty elected officials do not obey their oaths of office. They break the law on a daily basis. How can we make sure the representative we vote for will obey their oath of office?

One way, is to understand how they feel about the Constitution. Rick has some very strong opinions about the Constitution. He believes it means exactly what it says. Here are some links to help you understand Rick’s view of the Constitution, plus some modest proposals to bring the American police state back under the control of the citizenry.

Links to more information about  The Constitution and the Law

Can the federal government take money from one person and give it to another? NO!
What did Senator Davy Crockett have to say about this issue?
“Not Yours to Give”

Who has ultimate authority to decide questions of constitutional law?
The citizens? Or federal judges?
Read Rick’s position on
Jury Nullification.

How do we make our elected officials stop creating more Unconstitutional laws?
A Modest Proposal: The Citizens’ Constitution Court

Does the Second Amendment mean you have the right to keep and bear arms? YES!
Read Rick’s opinion of the Second Amendment
To read what the government’s lawyers have to say

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