Hot Issues!

Here are links to some of the issues the Stanley for Senate campaign
thinks Americans should all know a little more about…

Read my lips. Don’t watch my hands

Bush, Ashcroft, and the Republicans have done it again…
They said the Second Amendment guaranteed the individual right to keep and bear arms, now the U.S. Attorney is arguing to uphold the D.C. handgun ban?
They’ve said one thing and done another too many times.
Gun owners especially will be interested in this editorial.

he War on Privacy

Do you feel good about the recent restructuring of the FBI? Should you?
Please read Rick’s editorial about the War on Privacy.
If you haven’t read the FBI’s definition of what a Domestic Terrorist suspect is you may want to check out the link for “are you a domestic terrorist?” below this entry. Rick believes in defending America, that’s for sure — but giving a federal police agency broad powers that go beyond the scope of the Constitution isn’t going to do anything but destroy the very values and principles this country was founded on – Individual Liberty and Personal Responsibility.

Are YOU a Domestic Terrorist?

Read about this brochure from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Phoenix, AZ…
You might be surprised at what qualifies one as a possible suspect…
For more information on the “War on Terrorism” click here

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