Here’s a list of some people who have already endorsed Rick’s candidacy.
Click on each name to learn more about the people who are supporting
Rick, and to read what they have to say about him.

L. Neil Smith is a three-time Prometheus Award-winner and the author of 23 books, including The American Zone, Forge of the Elders, Pallas, The Probability Broach, Hope (with Aaron Zelman), and a collection of articles and speeches, Lever Action.
See http://www.lneilsmith.com

“Your courage and integrity is unprecedented and unparalleled in the libertarian movement. Where others have talked, you’ve acted. Where others have played safe, you’ve laid it on the line. In so doing, you’ve won my admiration and respect, and at the first opportunity, I’ll be proud to shake your hand.” — L. Neil Smith

Rick is especially proud of Neil’s support — to read his thank you note to the noted author, please click here.

David Aitken has served four terms as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado in years past, and has run for Governor once, and for State Representative three times.

“Rick has a real chance to shake up the powers that be, and to make a difference in all our lives.” — David Aitken

Ari Armstrong has served as Publications Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, and he has run for public office (State House in the year 2000). Currently he serves as the editor of Colorado Liberty, and he publishes his own on-line periodical, the Colorado Freedom Report.

“Rick’s single-minded committment to the restoration of our freedoms is an encouragement to us all.” — Ari Armstrong

David Bryant has served nine years on the Libertarian Party of Colorado’s Board of Directors in various capacities. He serves as treasurer for the Stanley for Senate campaign, and was recently honored as Libertarian of the Year.

“It’s a distinct pleasure to endorse Rick’s candidacy. The only thing that would give me more pleasure would be to endorse a few more checks from Libertarians — payable to Stanley for Senate, of course!” — David Bryant

John Gurley is a relative newcomer to the Libertarian Party, and he’s a real ball of fire. He has already organized Bill of Rights rallies in Grand Junction, and he’s running for sheriff of Mesa County on the Libertarian ticket.

“Rick Stanley has gone way above and beyond the call of duty for the cause of freedom. His unwavering dedication to liberty in our lifetime is something to be admired by all. Rick is more than a just a great Libertarian. He’s a great American. I enthusiastically endorse him for U.S. Senate.” — John Gurley, Libertarian Party candidate for Mesa County Sheriff

Mark Holden has already started his Libertarian campaign for State Representative, District 38. See http://www.elect-holden.com

“Rick Stanley is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of liberty this state has seen, and no one can match his dedication for the protection of each and every citizen from the excesses of government. Rick Stanley is not afraid to speak his mind, and his candor is a refreshing change from traditional political doublespeak. We are all fortunate to have Rick Stanley running for the Senate. He has my wholehearted support.” — Mark Holden, Libertarian candidate for State Representative, District 38

Kent McNaughton has run for public office as a Libertarian in years past, and he has served as Public Information Director on the Colorado Libertarian Party’s Board of Directors.

“Now, more than ever before, we need leaders inside the Beltway who don’t think like ‘leaders inside the Beltway.’ We need leaders who are staunch defenders of American freedom — staunch defenders of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

“Looking at the Colorado U.S. Senate race, my conclusion is that Rick Stanley is the only candidate who meets this critical criterion. The others are simply trotting out their parties’ old stuck-in-the mud, bureaucratic, and less-than-thoughtful approaches to the government’s role in our lives during this time of new types of trouble for America.” — Kent McNaughton

Wright Morgan is a decorated veteran of World War II, and the founder of the Broomfield Libertarian Party.

“The primary reason I support Rick Stanley is that I believe Mr. Stanley, like Thomas Jefferson, espouses the philosophy ‘That government is best, which governs least.’

“We need to stop government of everything but the essentials.” — Wright Morgan

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