10 Reasons to Vote LIBERTARIAN!

10. Tired of paying 50% of your wages for income tax, Social Security Tax, sales tax, vehicle tax, cell phone tax, boat and RV tax, head tax, right to work in Denver tax, gasoline tax, public service tax, stadium tax, etc? Need I go on? We will liberate you.

9. Tired of the IRS, FBI, CIA, FDA, DEA, EPA, BIA, OSHA, and all the other wasteful government agencies that pester you to death? We will liberate you.

8. Tired of too many laws that undermine the Constitution and your Bill of Rights? Tired of the government bureaucracy that supports the police state your beloved country is becoming? We will liberate you.

7. Tired of a life beset by government complications, to the point that the stress and strain is dragging you down? We will liberate you.

6. Tired of working your butt off and never getting ahead? We will liberate you.

5. Disgusted with America’s corrupt leadership and the lies they expect us to swallow as if they were the truth? We will liberate you.

4. Disgusted that our Social Security system is so corrupt it will be bankrupt before YOU get a chance to collect, while your senators and congressmen do not pay SS taxes and will enjoy 100% of their wage in retirement with 7% yearly raises, and it all comes out of the general tax fund – NOT Social Security? We will liberate you.

3. Amazed that companies and individuals pollute your environment and are never punished for it? We will liberate you.

2. Tired of watching our educational system deteriorate before your very eyes? We will liberate you.

1. Tired of a broken-down justice system, an ailing health care system, dangerous foreign policies, and trade policies that do not work? We will liberate you.

Vote Libertarian!


The Libertarians, the Unaffiliated, the Independents, the Disaffected,
the Disgusted, the Non-Registered, and the ticked-off Democrats
and Republicans outnumber all the other voters combined!

Register Libertarian now.
Then vote in 2002, 2004, and beyond.

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